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"You are what you eat." Why not apply the principle to your skin? Skin is our largest organ. Substances applied to the skin can absorb into the bloodstream. So, why would you put something on your skin that you wouldn't even think about eating? We choose to use Eminence' 100% natural, organic products, for proper care and maintenance, to restore youth and nourish the body.

Eminence products are handmade in Hungary, using only the freshest organic herbs, fruits and vegetables known to nature. Instead of mass production, the multi-generation family operated business has used traditional craftsmanship since it established in 1958. Organics such as linden, calendula, rosehip, sour cherry, poppy, pomegranate, carrot, stone crop, ginseng, pumpkin and paprika, to name a few, are hand-picked and handmade in small batches by cold pressing methods, to preserve all freshness and nutritional essence. Eminence products are made with the highest ethical standards, never tested on animals, and use 100% recyclable packaging. Most products are vegan.